Friends of Checkley Church

  Friends of Checkley Church Fundraiser event


Tutbury Band directed by Kevin Orton gave a concert at Checkley Community Centre on Saturday 28th April 2018, playing a variety of music including movie themes, musicals, marches, chart songs and classical pieces raising a sum of 316.10 for the Friends of Checkley Church. The Tutbury Band consisted of some 60 musicians. It is one of the largest community bands in the UK having a combined membership of around 150 musicians across Tutbury Band and Tutbury Junior Band.


All funds raised are spent on the fabric of our church, Saint Mary and All Saints. Many thanks to all who contributed and attended.



Over the last 6-7 years or so the Friends of Checkley Church have raised around 30,000 with the help of generous contributions from the local community and fund raising events. Funds have been used for upgrading the church heating system, church clock repairs, security system measures for the church and roof, organ repairs and servicing, hot water boiler replacement, contribution to the bell restoration project and gate repairs. We believe it is important this work continues to maintain this beautiful church.

If would like to contribute or receive information about future events please contact Jim Wood, Treasurer for the Friends of Checkley Church Tel. 01538 723576.