Growth point Recovered

Growth point is an NHS mental health gardening, woodwork and maintenance skills programme.   The team has recently added a furniture restoration project (Growthpoint Re-covered) to its toolkit.  This is proving to be a great success, helping service users with confidence building, therapeutic activity and workplace skills.  The service also offers seasonal employment to a number of service users each year. 


If anyone would like to donate any pieces of old furniture, these can be renovated and sold on, raising funds to be reinvested in the project. Alternatively, the team offer a restoration service, restoring and returning your treasured items for you for a small charge. All items must be solid wood (not veneered items).  


Items are gladly received at  the Growthpoint Leek Road allotment site or via Lesley Faux. Alternatively, the Growthpoint team can collect large items by prior arrangement.. 

If you would like to know more, please contact Lesley Faux on 01538 722719 or  07974 748725 or ring Growthpoint's Tracey Mace on 07515 191258.

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