Some of our Mediaeval past revealed a fleeting glimpse!

Hidden treasures occasionally come to light. Through the good-offices of Derek Chesters a deal of work has been carried out by Staffordshire County Council which is of a very high quality.

During work to install a disabled access outside the North Gate and curbing stones to front the grass incline, a working mediaeval drain was discovered. Wonderfully constructed at a depth of about 77cm it was a delight to view the beautiful surrounding stone-work.

In the mediaeval period the level of Church Lane would have been around 60cm lower than at present with the open drain running along- side, terminating into the River Tean.

Unfortunately, the drain has now been recovered, but at least we have photographic evidence that it exists. Hopefully, the next significant find will provide proof that a Saxon building functioned some-where in our church grounds!


Clive Smith.