Are there any adults who would like to be confirmed this year?


Did you miss out as a young person or perhaps were not ready at an earlier stage of life?


Is now the time to make your baptismal promises for


If so, have a word with Irene.


Classes start in September.



Uttoxeter Deanery



Following on from your ‘Life on the Frontline’ Lent Course, we are now offering a series of sessions covering key topics. These will take the main principles of Frontline Discipleship and make them part of the DNA of our churches rather than just ‘doing a course’. There are several churches in the diocese following this during this year. These sessions are open to everyone in the churches but there is a particular invitation to those in the brackets. Each session has a 15 minute drinks’ slot before the start time, and the subjects are as follows:

Wed 18th July (7.30-9.15pm). From Pastoral Care to Pastoral Equipping (for those involved in

pastoral care).

Sat 15th Sept (10.30am-2.15pm). Preaching for the Frontline (for those who preach regularly).

Wed 17th Oct (7.30-9.15pm). Children and young people (for those ministering to our children and young people, led by the RNG team)

Sat 17th Nov (10.30am-12.15pm). Calling All

Christians (for everyone, whether their frontline is work, home, or community).

I am very much looking forward to leading these sessions for you.                                                    George Fisher. Director of Mission.


If you are interested in any of these courses, please have a word with Irene.